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Rinse & Shine

Rinse & Shine


A hydrophobic rinse coating. Contains shine enhancers for a high gloss slick finish. Repels water, dirt and grease, keeping your vehicle cleaner for longer. Cuts down on drying time. Super concentrated, dilute 1:100. Can be used through pressure spray or foam lance. For professional use.

  • Directions For Use

    1. Dilute 1:100 in hand spray

    2. Thoroughly wash vehicle

    3. Rinse the vehicle (optional)

    4. Apply a small amount to each panel. Can be applied on top of shampoo

    5. Thoroughly rinse vehicle

    6. Dry with a microfibre towel

  • Safety Information

    Warning: Contains Methyl-2H. May produce allergic reaction. Causes skin irritation and eye damage. Toxic to aquatic life. If in eyes rinse with water. Wear gloves, eye and face protection.

    Safety Data Sheet